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Tackling Inequalities Board

The worst effects of the pandemic have reinforced existing patterns of inequality in our communities. As Greater Manchester recovers, we must ensure that it is inclusive and breaks down structural inequalities, limits the long-term negative effects of the pandemic and strengthens the resilience of our communities, public services and economy. This goes beyond the equalities agenda as set out in the Equality Act, and includes residents facing poverty, poor health and wellbeing and struggling to retain or secure employment, as well as prejudice and barriers to the opportunities others can access.

The Tackling Inequalities Board provides strategic leadership to the programme of work taking place across Greater Manchester’s public services, to reduce inequality and prejudice and create a fairer and more equitable society.

The Tackling Inequalities Board is chaired by Cllr Arooj Shah, Leader of Oldham Council and Portfolio Lead for Equalities, Inclusion and Cohesion. On the board are Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester and Chair of the Reform Board, and Cllr Bev Craig, Leader of Manchester City Council and Chair of the Growth Board. In addition, there are a range of leaders from the public, voluntary and community, and business sectors, including the Greater Manchester Equality Panels and the Greater Manchester Equality Alliance.

The board sits outside of the formal decision making of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and provides a strategic forum for the alignment of priorities, strategies and activities to tackle inequality. It provides strategic leadership and direction, working alongside the existing Reform and Growth Boards, and where necessary challenge to economic and public service organisations to do things differently. The board oversees the focus on tackling inequalities within Greater Manchester (external link)


Greater Manchester Tackling Inequalities Board Terms of Reference - June 2024 (Word doc. 26.7KB)

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