The NHS and our local councils have worked together on health and quality-of-life issues for some time. We're going to tighten these arrangements so there's an even more co-ordinated, easier-to-understand system.

We want greater prosperity, better health, and a good quality of life for Greater Manchester people. But our region has some of the poorest health in the country.

The ground-breaking health devolution plans give Greater Manchester and local NHS services much more control of the region's £6 billion health and social care budget.

It means we can better respond to local people's needs, and can tap into their experience and expertise to influence spending plans. We will focus on preventing ill health and promoting healthy lifestyles.

As a result, we will close the gap between those with the best health, and those with the worst: within our region and between Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK. Greater Manchester people will enjoy some of the best health in the country, rather than suffering some of the worst.

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