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BankiFi provides technology designed to make business banking better. It enables banks and financial institutions to provide a set of integrated services - accounting, invoicing and payments - designed around the processes businesses use to run their business.

Businesses that use BankiFi’s platform to invoice and request payments from their customers significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to get paid.

BankiFi equips banks and financial institutions to become customer centric, rather than product centric - increasing their revenues and reducing costs while allowing business customers to thrive.

GMCA has provided funding to BankiFi over two investment rounds, on both occasions partnering with Praetura Ventures. The first round of funding was used to improve the product and technology and the second round of investment was used to fund the expansion into new global markets.

Speaking at the time of the last investment, Chris Fry, CFO said, “This is a huge endorsement from our investors that proves we’re doing the right things as a business at BankiFi. This latest investment means we can continue our global expansion and focus on supporting banks to make all aspects of cash management and payments easier for SMEs everywhere.”