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Core UKSPF and Multiply Investment Plans

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is the lead authority for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) and Multiply adult numeracy scheme in Greater Manchester. It has overall accountability for how the Fund is administered in the city region.

GMCA has divided the activity required into three main phases:

  1. Investment Plan Development and Submission to UK Government;
  2. Implementation Plan Development;
  3. Delivery.

Phase 1: Investment Plan Development and Submission (April to end July 22)

GMCA submitted a high-level three-year Investment Plan for Greater Manchester to UK Government for both the Multiply adult numeracy scheme and the core UKSPF investment priorities of Communities and Place, Local Business and People and Skills. Both Investment Plans set out a series of interventions, outputs and outcomes that reflected local needs and opportunities.

Multiply Investment Plan for Greater Manchester (Meetings and Committees website, PDF 1.2MB)

Core UKSPF Investment Plan for Greater Manchester (Meetings and Committees website, PDF 1.3MB)

The Multiply Investment Plan was approved by UK Government in August 2022. Approval for the core UKSPF Investment Plan was received in mid-December 2022.

Investment Plan Consultation

The two high-level Investment Plans were developed in consultation with Greater Manchester's ten local authorities and other key partners and stakeholders across the private, public and VCSE sectors. Those consulted included business networks, learning and education providers, MPs and relevant UK Government departments.

This engagement built upon extensive consultation undertaken for the Greater Manchester Strategy (About Greater Manchester). The Strategy’s shared commitments form the priorities for core UKSPF activity in Greater Manchester.

A Local Partnership Board for Greater Manchester has also been convened to provide guidance and advice to GMCA on the strategic fit and deliverability of activity for the core UKSPF.

  • The Local Partnership Board has been repurposed from the existing Greater Manchester European Structural and Investment Funds / Sustainable Urban Development (ESIF/SUD) Sub-Committee.
  • It met twice during the creation of the core UKSPF Investment Plan, and will continue to meet regularly as the Implementation Plan is developed.
  • More information on the group, including membership, can be found in the Terms of Reference (PDF).

Further detail on the specific consultation that has taken place so far for both Multiply and the core UKSPF can be found in the Investment Plan links above.

Phase 2: Implementation Plan development (late Summer / Autumn 2022) and Phase 3: Delivery (Autumn 2022 onwards)

More information on the interventions included in the core UKSPF and Multiply Investment Plans and the plans / timelines for their implementation can be found in the relevant pages for the core UKSPF and Multiply.