Front cover illustration for the Greater Manchester Vision for Housing document showing a row of modern houses.

Greater Manchester Housing Vision

Housing plays a central part in people’s lives. We all need and deserve a safe, decent and affordable home to provide the stable foundation for everything else that we want to achieve for ourselves and our families, a home that gives us the secure, warm, dry haven we all need. When we fail to provide that, the impacts on individuals and society as a whole can be severe and long lasting, as we see all too clearly in our work to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping.

For a place like Greater Manchester to be successful in the twenty first century, we need to make the connections between housing and our overall vision for our future. A Greater Manchester Vision for Housing has been approved by the Mayor and our ten councils and sets out our ambitions for change and tackling the housing crisis. The Vision provides a framework for our forthcoming Greater Manchester Housing Strategy which will be published later in the year.

If you have ideas to contribute to the Housing Strategy, please share them with us by emailing

Housing Vision (Issuu)

Housing Vision (PDF, 10MB)