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Further PfE Hearing Sessions

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Responses to AP134 and AP135* - Statements of Common Ground relating to peat on sites JPA1.1 (Heywood / Pilsworth), JPA28 (North of Irlam Station), JPA29 (Port Salford Extension), JPA30 (Ashton Moss West) and JPA33 (New Carrington)


  • Inspectors’ opening announcements
  • General Issues:
    •  National planning policy relating to development and peat
    • Local planning policies relating to development and peat, including Policy JP-G4 and Salford Local Plan Policy GI2
    • Greater Manchester Wetlands Nature Improvement Area and/or any relevant peat restoration programmes
  • Site Specific Issues – to be discussed for each above site**:
    • Extent of peat on the site
    • Quality of peat on the site
    • Potential for restoration
    • Likelihood of restoration
    • Policy wording
  • Inspectors’ closing remarks

* As set out in IN32 and IN34
** Sites will be covered in the following order: JPA29, JPA28 (Chat Moss Sites); JPA33; JPA30 and JPA1.1

Wednesday 5th July 2023 at 09:30am (YouTube)

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