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Programme Challenger

Programme Challenger

Programme Challenger is Greater Manchester’s partnership response to serious and organised crime. It's made up of many different agencies, who all work together to disrupt and dismantle individuals and networks committing serious crime across the city-region, including running drug lines, exploiting people for financial gain, buying and using firearms, and laundering the money they make from their criminality.

The key areas of work for Programme Challenger include: 

  • Modern slavery
  • Organised crime
  • Criminal exploitation of children, young people and vulnerable adults 
  • Economic crime
  • Foreign national offenders
  • Offender management

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Serious and Organised Crime

Programme Challenger have drawn up the Serious and Organised Crime Strategy.

The strategy shows how Greater Manchester will tackle serious and organised crime in all forms. Priorities of the strategy include:

  • Targeted action against serious and organised criminals, stopping the problem at source
  • Supporting opportunities to build resilience within communities, with a focus on preventing people becoming victims and perpetrators
  • To work collaboratively to develop innovative, evidence-based approaches
  • Improve understanding of current and emerging threats
  • Support enhanced partnership response through information sharing

Serious and Organised Crime Strategy

Serious and Organised Crime Plan on a Page (PDF, 300KB)