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Office of Data Analytics

Office of Data Analytics

The Greater Manchester Office of Data Analytics aims to create better data to support better analytics.

Working with partners across Greater Manchester, we support the release of more open data, and improve the quality of public sector data. We also share more data analysis from across the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and partners - including data visualisations and mapping - and drive up data standards.

Better data, better analytics

Better data supports better analytics; better analytics supports better decision-making across a number of areas, including:

Delivering the Local Industrial Strategy Data Review

Understanding and mitigating the challenges to opening more public data for re-use and commercialisation.

Managing and developing MappingGM 

Continuing the development and updates to MappingGM (opens in a new window), to make it the home of geospatial data in Greater Manchester.

Supporting open data release

Working across the GMCA and with partners to open data, and improve the quality and consistency of open data for re-use.

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