Labour Market and Skills Review 2018/19

The Labour Market and Skills Review (LMSR) is a comprehensive collection of data on Greater Manchester’s labour market and skills system. It comprises a series of topic areas, each one with a related dashboard in which users can view and manipulate data to answer questions. The dashboards operate using Tableau software (no logins or software downloads are necessary).

Report icon LMSR: Summary and Assessment


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Cog and hands graphicLabour Market (Unemployment, types of work, job vacancies, sector job trends, qualifications) (opens in a new window)

Hand iconOut-of-Work Benefits (Universal Credit, housing benefit, employment support allowance) (opens in a new window)

Money iconPay (Median pay, low pay, gender pay gap) (opens in a new window)

People iconSkills Demand (skills shortages, gaps, skills utilization) (opens in a new window)

Lightbulb iconSkills Supply (Further Education, Apprenticeships, Higher Education) (opens in a new window)

Recruitment iconRecruitment (Job vacancies) (opens in a new window)

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