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Update on concessionary travel


Greater Manchester is making a number of changes to concessionary travel arrangements. This update sets out the latest policy position.

At present, different concessionary schemes are not consistent in the way they charge people for the issuing of a pass. We are proposing to make them more consistent with Greater Manchester’s commitment to equality and fair treatment across the ages.  

Our Pass and igo card

The two concessionary schemes for young people – the igo card and Our Pass - provide discounted travel for young people.

Our Pass, which begins in September 2019, will provide all 16-18 year olds who live in Greater Manchester to get free bus travel and half-price off peak travel on Metrolink.

The igo card allows all GM residents and those in GM schools aged 11-16 to pay the child fare on bus and Metrolink across Greater Manchester.

The igo card has a one-off £10 administration charge and this will now be applied to Our Pass.

Women’s Concessionary Travel Pass

This pass was introduced to help women born between 6 October 1953 and 5 November 1954 who were affected by the change to pension age through the 2011 Pensions Act.

This pass provides free off-peak bus, tram and train travel to all those women who are Greater Manchester residents affected as above.

There is a one-off £10 administration fee for this pass and it is proposed that this remains the case.

Older People’s Concessionary Pass

All people of pension age can benefit from a free off-peak bus pass and travel through the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme.

In Greater Manchester, we took the decision to enhance the national scheme by including free off-peak tram and train travel. 

At present, there is no fee associated with this scheme.

All older residents of Greater Manchester will continue to benefit from an entitlement to a free bus travel with no fee.

However, to ensure greater consistency with other schemes, a £10 annual fee is proposed for the inclusion in the Older People’s Concessionary Pass of free tram and train travel.

With the number of over-65s expected to increase by 44% by 2028, it will also help ensure the Pass is sustainable in the long term.

A similar charge is in operation in Tyne and Wear where Nexus charges an annual fee of £12 for off-peak and holiday travel on the Metro, the Shields Ferry and on Northern Rail services between Newcastle and Sunderland.

If approved by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the proposal will be introduced from early 2020. Ahead of any change, TfGM will provide more details of the scheme.

There will continue to be no costs associated with travel passes for disabled people.