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Opening eyes to digital possibilities: Quinn's mission to inspire youth

A trained chef transformed his career with Greater Manchester Combined Authority Skills Bootcamps is now helping young people explore opportunities in digital and technology.

Since securing his first tech job in May 2022, after completing a digital Skills Bootcamp with IN4 Group, Quinn Towler’s tech skills have grown from strength to strength.

We revisited Quinn as part of our recognition of National Careers Week and discovered that he now delivers national CyberFirst programmes across the city region, helping young people aged 11-18 discover the dynamic industry of Digital and Technology, by interacting with different technologies, participating in tech-based challenges and exploring potential career paths whilst harnessing their passion for technology.

He collaborates with schools and colleges to build computing programmes that inspire students towards digital careers. He shares his journey and experience to inspire young people to pursue a career in tech, consider the benefit of all skills (whether technical or not), encouraging young people to develop their soft skills such as communication, problem-solving and adaptability in preparation for entering the digital workforce. Quinn has received consistently excellent feedback, highlighting his passion, knowledge and understanding of the sector.

When we last met Quinn in April 2023, he was Senior Digital Technician assisting IN4 Group with their Skills Bootcamps by sharing his learner experience. Since then, he gained a promotion with his ongoing commitment to learning and self-development being a catalyst for this career progression.

He said: "Stepping into that Skills Bootcamp opened doors I never imagined possible. I saw a future that aligned with my strengths and interests. The instructors, the hands-on learning, the connections - it gave me the tools and belief that I could successfully change careers.

"I had no idea that a 12 weeks Skills Bootcamp could put me on a completely different pathway. But by having an open mindset and persevering through new concepts, new opportunities opened up to me.

"I'm proud of how far I've come in such a short time. I aim to inspire students about the power of digital skills in my new role. My goal is to open their eyes to possibilities they may not yet see in themselves. Because I've been there. I've made the leap. And it all started with showing up curious and determined to grow."

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