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The Greater Manchester Baccalaureate

A key part of our technical education city region proposals is the creation of a Greater Manchester Baccalaureate.

The Greater Manchester Baccalaureate is proposed as an ambitious pathway for young people from the age of 14 who want to take high quality technical qualifications and pursue a work-related route that meets their aspirations, feeds their passions, and leads them to the job roles the GM economy needs.

It could provide a parallel and high value alternative to the EBacc, offering two equal routes for young people to consider at age 14 – one academic and one technical:

Image has two columns. The left is the academic column setting out the route for young people on this pathway, including the EBacc, A-levels and a degree. The right hand route is the technical pathway, proposed to be supported by the MBacc, T-Levels and higher/degree apprenticeships.

You can find out more about the Greater Manchester Baccalaureate by reading the proposals document available on the proposals page.