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Covid-19: Support and advice for older residents

For many older people in Greater Manchester, coming out of lockdown presents new challenges. This webpage will host practical information and resources associated with coming out of lockdown, both for individuals and for organisations.

Many of the messages from our Keeping Well campaign can still be used and shared- as well as talking about keeping well with older people in our networks.

We’d be grateful if you could please share any information or resources that you become aware of on this topic by sending them into us at the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub:

Mind matters

Our mind matters and keeping our mind active is important. We all need to think about our mind in the same way that we need to think about our bodies, especially in times of change.

Have a go at Behavioural Activation – Greater Manchester Mental Heath

Many of us are having a difficult time getting back to the level and variety of activity we used to do prior to the lockdown. Behavioural Activation (BA) is something that may help you with this. It will allow you to identify the activities you value the most, establish goals around these activities and prioritise the ones to work on first. You can then break these down into more easily achievable steps. You can also use the worksheets to help plan ahead or reflect on some activities you tried out.

  • Understand BA rationale, including link between activity and mood (What is BA & will it help me?)

  • What’s important to me and what values do I have? (What guides me in my life?)

  • In line with my values: What are my hopes, wishes, dreams for the future? (How do I want to be?)

  • What are my activities? Either doing already or future activity goals. (Routine, Pleasurable & Necessary)

  • What are my specific day to day goals for next week starting with the easiest? (Specific appointments I make with myself)

View the 25 minute video around “getting back into activity” – all available with downloadable and printable worksheets on GMMH webpage.

Managing Anxiety - Independent Age

If you are concerned about 'getting back to normal' after lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, take a look through the useful tips compiled on behalf of Independent Age. Remember this is normal and you will not be alone, others will be feeling this too so talk to a friend or relative about it.

Moving well

We are hearing how many older people have lost confidence going out and about.  Whether it's for the #GMDailyMile or a shorter walk, offering to go for a stroll with someone can build confidence and help people connect with their communities again.

Getting out and about - GM Walking

We are excited to share the promotional toolkit for the Let’s Walk GM Walking Festival which takes place in May 2021.  The theme is about 'Getting Out This May', and we are providing some tools, ideas, and inspiration to encourage people to get out each day in May.  We are encouraging participants to invite others to get involved, joining them outside, for walks and to share your stories with @GMWalks.

The website is live and has all the information on it.

Plan your journeys ahead

Space on public transport is still limited, however there are certain periods of the day when there is more space available. Transport for Greater Manchester have put together information and advice to help you plan your journeys wherever you are in Greater Manchester. TfGM are working with councils across Greater Manchester as part of the #SafeStreetsSaveLives programme to create extra space and safe and direct routes for the increasing number of people choosing to travel on foot or by bike.

Check the best times and ways to travel in your local area

For local trips walking and cycling could be the best option for travel

Age Friendly Leeds: Supporting People to Move More as Lockdown Restrictions Ease

This document supports organisations, their staff and volunteers to help people become more active as lockdown eases. It provides a brief summary of official guidance, policy requirements, services and support available.


It is important for our physical and mental health to be able to meet with people, and to get back into the habit of doing so.

Ageing Better Birmingham: #ReadyToReconnect campaign

The new campaign aims to encourage those of us who are a bit hesitant in leaving our homes to do so now that we can meet safely with others again.

Time to Shine Leeds: learning briefing

Sharing creative ideas to keep Zoom groups fun & fresh February 2021.

Reconnecting through conversations about the past – History Begins at Home 

Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to get a conversation started and to think about the kind of things you might like to ask. Download themed worksheets from History Begins at Home as reminders of the questions you could ask to help you get going. History Begins at Home is all about helping you connect with family and friends through conversation about the past. Chatting with the people you know and love gives us a great sense of well-being. These questions sheets help us to connect with each-other about a whole host of memories from the past – from toys, food and hobbies to cars, holidays, school days and work days. Join the conversation, create new memories to treasure, and share your stories, with question sheets to help along the way.

Restoring Relationships: The Recovery of Love, Connection and Family – tide

tide (together in dementia every day) was commissioned by the Scottish government to create resources for families and care home staff to help to restore the relationships after what we all recognise has been a difficult year. This work, though created in Scotland, is relevant to other parts of the UK. The two toolkits can be accessed via the link here.

Other resources

Torbay Community Helpline - A lifeline for Torbay

Video on Torbay's helpline, set up in response to COVID:

Latest TED East Lindsey newsletter

Find out what our delivery partners and internal TED team have been up to and what our plans are for the next few months We have also included some puzzles and things for you to have fun with.

Creative activities to build connections – Dial In

Designed for use over the phone, in person or via video call, Dial In is a booklet of activities created by artists from Greater Manchester – chock full of fun games and creative activities to activate your imagination and help you build connections. The booklet’s activities range from fun games and storytelling to drawing, writing poems, and building fantasy journeys that allow us to escape to new worlds and revisit old ones. None of the activities require internet access and have been designed with telephone conversations in mind.