Greater Manchester Children's Placement Sufficiency Observatory


Our ability, as Corporate Parents, to be able to provide local placement opportunities is increasingly becoming a challenge across Greater Manchester. Tackling and remedying the displacement of children and young people from their home area simply because there is an insufficient market of good quality provision available locally for them is a priority.

The GM Children’s Placement Sufficiency Strategy 2020 – 2022 outlines many of these challenges and sets out our vision to improve sufficiency of service across the region.

Greater Manchester Children’s Placement Sufficiency Observatory

Along with the strategy document, we want to supplement our messaging by creating the Greater Manchester Children’s Placement Sufficiency Observatory which we will update over time, enabling a dynamic representation of demand for placement services. This helps us to reflect the ever-changing fluidity of demand and supply and how that impacts sufficiency across the region.

The GM Sufficiency Data Dashboard includes regularly refreshed data on need across the region and the other links are there to help navigate the current commissioning landscape across Greater Manchester and to overview our plans, both regional and local, to improve sufficiency across the area.

We would always encourage Providers to speak directly to the host GM LA within which their service is likely to operate before setting up any new provision. We can help to coordinate any discussions with colleagues at those LAs if you contact us at the email address below, or indeed you may, of course, connect with the LAs directly.

Get in Touch

We’re keen to explore conversations with Providers that are already based in Greater Manchester and are keen to develop their services, or indeed do not currently operate here but would like to learn more about what we need. 

If you click the ‘Get in Touch: Contact GM’ button above and send us an email, we’ll respond and arrange a time to talk more, including linking in with those Commissioners in the LA areas that might be of most interest to your service development.

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