GM Fostering Programme

GM Fostering Programme

The following collaborative projects have been agreed and are underway or complete.

GM Foster Carer Recruitment Campaign

Fostering Unfiltered (external website) is a bold, new campaign with an ambition to inspire more people in Greater Manchester, from all walks of life, to become foster carers.

The campaign turns the spotlight on the real-life experiences of Greater Manchester’s community of nearly 1,500 foster carers to help local people explore fostering and decide whether it’s right for them.

Led by Greater Manchester Combined Authority and supported by all ten local authorities across the city region, Fostering Unfiltered embraces the realities of fostering with refreshing honesty to show the ins and outs of foster care. The campaign reflects the real lives of existing foster carers by sharing their everyday experiences and challenges.

By giving people greater knowledge and awareness, the campaign will demystify fostering to make the role more accessible and inspire a new generation of foster carers. Our aim is to empower others to join our growing community dedicated to providing safe and loving homes for children and young people across Greater Manchester.

We want to make Greater Manchester the friendliest region for foster carers; a place where residents respect foster carers and are inspired by their collective endeavour.

GM Room Makers Scheme

In 2021 GMCA hosted a survey of foster carers, to get a better understanding of the housing circumstances that might affect carers ability to be able to care for more children and young people. Over 100 carers told us that they had a further spare room in their property that could be used for fostering but wasn't at that moment in time. We listened to this feedback and in response launched the Room Makers Scheme which provided funding / support for those suitable carers who wanted to spruce up their existing spare rooms and foster more children and young people.

Overall, 26 new bedrooms being renovated and made available to support children and young people across Greater Manchester in the first wave of Room Makers grants.

The best way to demonstrate the impact is through this short video which showcases the work done including two of our incredible foster carers talking about their experiences.