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Jeff Thompson

Jeff has worked in the Manchester music scene for the last 16 years, in both the recording and live sectors as well as in education and social change.

He is the co-founder of Un-Convention, a series of music industry conferences and showcases that have brought together thousands of artists and music professionals, both nationally and internationally over the course of 106 events on 5 continents.

The annual Manchester event sees 450 music professionals, from across 48 towns and cities in the UK, as well as 17 European countries gathering in the city to discuss the future of the industry and to discover new music. His work with Un-Convention has enabled him to work in a broad range of contexts, both here in the UK, as well as around the world in countries such as The Netherlands, Poland, Liberia, and Palestine, and with everyone from bedroom producers and DIY labels to multi-million selling artists and major festivals and corporations.

e is also one of the founding members of a European wide talent development project called JUMP.

Jeff founded the Regional Music Scenes Network which brings together practitioners from different parts of the UK, be it major cities, coastal towns, or rural areas to compare and contrast opportunities in music and to share best practice.

He has helped to establish several music co-operatives in Africa, and a live music touring model which enables artists in 85 towns and cities across the country to play to new audiences.

In addition, he has run music projects in areas such as Wythenshawe, Stockport, and Manchester city centre to build aspirations in hard-to-reach young people. Jeff is passionate about helping to create a more sustainable ecosystem for those working in music in Greater Manchester, and in producing a diverse and inclusive sector in the region that recognises the social good of music, alongside its economic impact.