Image of Keara the female lead singer of She's Mine posing for camera

December 2023 winner - She's Mine

Described as a marriage between FKA Twigs, Billie Eilish and Grimes, She’s Mine is a display of gothic-grandeur and porcelain-tenderness in Alt-Pop form.

At age six She’s Mine decided to learn to play the violin. At age ten she found that her years of classical violin training had instilled a sense of pitch in her that made singing feel natural. Finding herself gravitating towards singing pop and jazz, she began using her violin to help her come up with melodies to write her own music.

In 2019, she was unconditionally accepted to the Royal Northern College of Music and moved to Manchester to complete her studies. To mark her progress as a Songwriter she self-released a collection of songs that she had written as an album onto Bandcamp while she was locked down in student accommodation. She did this under the alias 'She's Mine' as a statement about the objectification of women.

 2024 sees She’s Mine release fresh singles with her producer Noah and finish a Rap/R&B Album that she has co-written with her friend and classmate planet w.e.s.m.o.

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