Building responsible, data driven public services

Building responsible, data driven public services

We will apply exemplary digital ideas and practice to reform and renew public services, linking innovative business, academic and public sector thinking with the needs of Greater Manchester’s people. 

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We will

  • Collaboratively foster innovation by engaging with digital, data and technology best practice to deliver transformed, sustainable and resilient public services that meet local needs. 
  • Use data responsibly and effectively to improve decision making, support those people most in need, and reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • Ensure digital services are co-designed with residents, are inclusive, and meet community and environmental needs. 
  • Work together to develop the digital and data skills of Greater Manchester’s public sector workforce. 
  • Agree and adopt standards and information governance practices that enable responsible data sharing across Greater Manchester 
  • Take measures to reduce the carbon footprint of technology infrastructure in line with our net zero ambition. 

Main Projects:

Early Years digitisation

Greater Manchester Cyber and Resilience (GMCA and GMP)

Greater Manchester Information Strategy (GMCA)

Greater Manchester Local Data Review and Office of Data Analytics (GMCA)

NHS Digital Fund (Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership)

Smart Ticketing (TfGM)

The Greater Manchester Digital Platform

Greater Manchester Data

Greater Manchester makes a range of free data sets available and is working to extend this.

In addition, there's lots of work taking place across the region to bring digital technology to health and care. Further information is available through our colleagues at