The Greater Manchester Digital Platform

The platform was created to ensure that professionals supporting residents have the right information, at the right time and in the right way. 

What is the platform?

The Greater Manchester Digital Platform provides the infrastructure that can be rapidly adopted in may priority areas across Greater Manchester to drive improvements in the health and wealth of our 2.8m citizens, whether this is in health, care or the wider public sector.  We’re already looking at how it can be applied in Victim Support, Homelessness and other important areas.

The platform will give people much more control over their own data, who’s seeing their data and for what purpose. It's an advanced technology solution that allows data from multiple sources to be re-used by a variety of systems, allowing health and public sector professionals to use and share accurate and appropriate information at a quicker and more effective pace. 

The platform can be utilised by our public sector partners to solve local problems, using existing infrastructure that can be rapidly adopted to drive improvements. The platform currently hosts innovative initiatives, such as the Early Years’ app, GM Identity and the Community Hub Application. Find out more on these projects below.

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