Photo of a back alley greening project, showing how residents have added greenery to their shared community space

Greater Manchester Green Spaces Fund

What is the Greater Manchester Green Spaces Fund?

The £2.6 million Greater Manchester Green Spaces Fund gives small grants to communities to improve local green spaces or create new ones where they are needed.

All residents of Greater Manchester can apply for funding. Potential projects could include:

  • Improving existing or creating new accessible green space for people and/or wildlife
  • Permanently greening streets
  • Creating new permanent parklets or pocket parks
  • Community gardening/food growing
  • Turning paved-over areas to green areas
  • Cleaning up and restoring streams, rivers, canals, and ponds

Applications are currently open until noon on Friday 27th January 2023. 

For more information and to apply, visit:

Greater Manchester Environment Fund (external website)