Offer support or request assistance

The COVID-19 pandemic has been impacting organisations and individuals across Greater Manchester and GMCA has been receiving a number offers of support and requests for assistance because of the pandemic.

In order to collect these in one place and effectively respond to them an online form has been developed to help record any offers of help and requests for assistance.

Any organisation, business or individual who has an offer of support to make is asked to complete the online form. Any organisation that is in need of help or assistance is also asked to complete the form.

Offer support or request assistance - online form (opens in a new tab)

Once you have submitted your offer of help or request for support we will respond as appropriate using the key contact details which you will have provided. It is essential that you provide a response to all questions where possible in order to assist us in responding to your offer of help or request for assistance.

Responses received through the survey will be processed by a team of logistics experts from across Greater Manchester’s public sector.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Please note that any offers to help with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are being handled separately. If you have an offer to help around PPE please email (opens in a new window)