We are delighted to be working alongside GamFam and GamLEARN to ensure that the voices of lived experience are central to our strategy to help reduce gambling related harm in Greater Manchester.

If you live in the Greater Manchester or surrounding areas and have lived experience of gambling related harms as either a recovering disordered gambler or as an affected other and would like to have an input into the GM gambling harm reduction programme then we would like to hear from you.

As part of the strategy GamFam and GamLEARN have been commissioned to set up and develop a Greater Manchester Lived Experience reference group.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Sharing your experiences of gambling related harms
  • Reviewing and shaping community projects across GM
  • Development of communication campaigns
  • Participating in decision-making and oversight of the programme
  • Inputting into the design and production of training materials for professionals
  • Capturing learning and providing recommendations
  • Advocating for change to both local and national policies

Please send an e-mail or covering letter to info@gamfam.org.uk outlining why you would like to be part of the reference group and how you feel you could make a difference.