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Restricted Eligibility Support Service (RESS)

Restricted Eligibility Support Service (RESS)

Restricted Eligibility Support Service. Supporting non-UK nationals facing homelessness

The Restricted Eligibility Support Service (RESS), commissioned since 2023 by GMCA, is a unique and innovative homelessness prevention and support service. It works with Greater Manchester residents facing immigration-related barriers, helping them to navigate complex systems in order to move on from homelessness, live well and thrive.

"My support worker rang me and told me that my settled status has been granted. I was so happy that I started crying. There are no words to describe the feeling." - GM resident supported by RESS

RESS is a partnership between the Boaz Trust, Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU) and Booth Centre. It delivers specialist floating support and immigration advice for people who have restricted eligibility for public funds because of their immigration status and are facing, or are at risk of, homelessness.

The immigration and asylum systems are very complex. For that reason, RESS partners also offer peer advice and training to other professionals working with non-UK nationals experiencing homelessness across Greater Manchester.

We want to design homelessness out of the asylum and immigration systems in Greater Manchester. Taking a targeted approach to working with non-UK nationals and embedding the expert legal advice and support offered by RESS partners into our homelessness response is crucial to achieving this aim.

Click here RESS overview (PDF, 190KB) for more details and here to make a referral.

In Partnership with:

Booth Centre  Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit  boaztrust