City-region Diplomacy

Cities are emerging from the challenges of the pandemic as new diplomatic players. Where geopolitical tensions cause friction between nations, cities and mayors can help sustain international collaboration through continued cooperation and finding practical solutions to some of today’s biggest global challenges.

City-region Diplomacy is a powerful enabler for Greater Manchester’s International Strategy, facilitating our engagement on the global stage on agendas that are important to us, strengthening our links with other global cities and supporting the delivery of our core international ambitions.

Central to Greater Manchester’s city-region diplomacy priority is the development of strategic partnerships. Since the election of the mayor in 2017, we have focused on development of international players, cities, and global networks. These partnerships are focused on four core areas:

  • Economic Development Partnerships: Connecting our business support ecosystems, for example in areas of trade, investment, tourism and skills to international equivalents, helping to drive two-way opportunities.
  • Innovation Partnerships and Cluster Collaboration: Leveraging international links to drive cross-border innovations and technological breakthroughs.
  • City-region Exchanges, Learning and Mentoring: Working together towards a better world, working on challenges, sharing approaches economic policy and community engagement.
  • Global Policy Dialogue: Raising a collective voice to influence global agendas.