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Modifications Documentation 2023

The following documents were published for consultation on 11 October 2023. Each documents’ reference number is at the start of the document title. A number of the documents were published in September 2023 for presenting to District Governance Meetings (GMCA webpage) and remain unchanged.

Modification Schedule, Schedule of Policies Map Changes and Composite Plan
Integrated Assessment Reports including the Sustainability Assessment 

Submission versions of the Integrated Assessment Reports including the Sustainability Appraisal are available through these links:

Additional Modifications

The Additional Modifications Schedule is also subject to consultation but representations about it will not be considered by the Inspectors because the Additional Modifications do not address soundness or legal compliance of the plan and therefore do not fall within the scope of the examination. The nine local planning authorities will consider any representations in respect of the Additional Modifications.

Errata Sheet

The Errata Sheet sets out errors identified in the Main Modifications Schedule (MDC1) and the Places for Everyone Composite Plan (MDC5) since they were published in September 2023. Please note that the accessible versions of these documents (MDC1.1 and MDC5.1) incorporate these changes.