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Police and Crime Plan

Police and Crime Plan

Victims and equality are front and centre of Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Plan for 2022 to 2025, which was published on Monday 14 February 2022.

‘Standing Together’ is a partnership plan that describes a new era of accountable and people-centred policing, community safety and criminal justice services for Greater Manchester.

The plan commits to holding the GMP Chief Constable to account on his Improvement Plan, which was launched in 2021, and his promises to the public.

The plan focuses on three key priorities:

  • Keeping people safe and supporting victims
  • Reducing harm and offending
  • Strengthening communities and places

It also has two themes for action:

  • Tackling inequality and injustice in all its forms including Save and publish Gender Based Violence
  • Delivering with victims, communities and partnership

The plan has been informed by listening to the people of Greater Manchester as well as those who provide services and other key partners.

A public consultation was carried out in November 2021 to gather views on the proposed priorities and more than 93% of people agreed these priorities were important.   

It has also been influenced by the insights we derive from our surveys, as well as analysis of crime patterns, trends, and our work with communities.

Police and Crime Plan

Previous Police and Crime plan:

Annual reports

National crime and policing outcomes and measures

The Home Office has developed six National Crime and Policing Outcomes and accompanying measures to help focus effort on key national priorities and measure performance.

The Home Office has also introduced further measures as part of the national Beating Crime Plan including improvements in 999 and 101 answering times and service.

How our local priorities will contribute towards the national priorities

Our Police and Crime Plan – Standing Together has been informed by the national outcomes and measures alongside our Greater Manchester survey information, crime trends, HMICFRS inspections and public and partner consultation.

The outcomes and accountability section of the plan (page 40-41) clearly details where the national outcomes feature as follows: -

National outcome

Where they feature in our Police and Crime Plan – Standing Together

Reduce neighbourhood crime

Priority 1 and Priority 3

Reduce serious violence

Priority 1 and Priority 2

Reduce murder and other homicides

An outcome of priority 1 and priority 2

Disrupt drugs supply and county lines

Priority 1 and Priority 2

Tackle cyber-crime and fraud

Priority 1

Improve satisfaction among victims

Priority 1

Beating Crime Plan additional outcome


Improve 999 and 101 answering times and service

Priority 1

Our Police and Crime Plan – Standing Together also sets out what the public of Greater Manchester can expect to see in reductions in crime and an increase in the number of people feeling safer. We would also expect to see significant improvements against the GMP Improvement Plan and improved HMICFRS assessments.