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National Waste and Resources Strategy

DEFRA have responsibility for producing a waste strategy for England. The current waste strategy for England is the Resources and Waste Strategy launched in December 2018. 

We are currently awaiting the results of the consultation on the new Waste and Resources strategy which is expected later this year.

If the proposals are implemented, it will see (amongst many other things):

  • The producers of packaging responsible for financially supporting the collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of their products from both households and businesses.(Extended producer responsibility)
  • The re-introduction of deposit return schemes whereby consumers take their empty drinks bottles and cans to reverse vending machine to redeem deposits on those containers.
  • The collection of a nationally consistent range of materials for recycling at the kerbside including plastic pots, tubs and trays; and
  • Weekly food waste collections.

The purposes of the changes are to increase the quantity and quality of material collected for recycling. These materials can then be re-introduced to manufacturing processes so that effectively they form a production and consumption loop reducing the input of raw/virgin materials. They will also provide certainty and consistency to services adding to the public’s understanding of recycling.

Waste Composition Analysis 2019

GMCA regularly carries out a waste compositional analysis study on Greater Manchester’s waste and recycling to inform our waste strategy. The results of the 2019 study are listed below.

Please note: we are currently working to make these documents fully accessible.

GMWDA document archive

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