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Between 2018 and 2021, GMCA worked with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership and DfE to deliver the £5.9m Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund, which was developed to address locally identified digital skills gaps and support residents with accessible routes into digital employment, fast tracking them to an interview with a local employer. 

The Fund laid the foundation for the Skills Bootcamps and acted as a pilot to test the funding and delivery model. The pilot’s success led to the roll out of Skills Bootcamps nationally as part of the National Skills Fund. 

The majority of our 2022-2023 funding will support more digital skills bootcamps, benefitting people working across a number of sectors as we know there’s a huge demand across different industries for new and existing employees to work and acclimatise to digital change, particularly as businesses adapt due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our latest Digital Skills Bootcamps are below:

Generation (external website) – Each Generation programme has been co-designed with employers, ensuring that key technical skills, mindsets, and behavioural skills are embedded in the curriculum. This 12-week course will help you to kickstart a career in tech and you do not need any existing experience of qualifications to apply.

Netcom (external website) - Netcom’s bootcamps will last 12-weeks, delivered predominantly remotely with face-to-face learning as required, to upskill learners into medium/higher level digital roles. Their AWS re/Start programme is a full-time course to jump-start your career working in cloud computing.

IN4.0 (external website) - IN4.0’s Skills Bootcamps will provide residents with the opportunity to upskill and retrain to help fill in demand roles within the digital sector. IN4.0 Group’s Skills City aims to improve digital diversity and break the barriers to the tech industry faced by those from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds. The Cloud Engineering course will take place over 12 weeks and will be delivered through both theory lessons and lab sessions.

Back 2 Work (external website) - Skills Bootcamps delivered by B2W Group will provide higher-level technical skills to match GM employer needs. Their Software Development programme is designed to build technical knowledge and hands-on skills that are needed to kick-start a career in this space. 

IN4.0 (external website) - IN4.0 training provides residents with the opportunity to upskill and retrain to help fill in demand roles within the digital sector. Their Software Engineering course will take place over 16 weeks, Tuesday to Thursday, 10am-1pm. It will offer a broad understanding of the fundamental building blocks needed to work on web developments and other programming work using an industry-relevant language.

IN4.0 (external website) – IN4.0’s courses are all Level 4 apprenticeship standard. This Skills Bootcamp is designed to help people with no prior tech knowledge to enter the workforce as skilled Network and Cyber specialists.

Netcom (external website) – Each of Netcom’s bootcamps will last 12-weeks, delivered predominantly remotely with face-to-face learning as required, to upskill learners into medium/higher level digital roles. This course aims to assist students in having a better grasp of current information and system security technology practices, learning the security measures and protections while also preparing them for the real-world cyber security job market.

Back 2 Work (external website) – B2W Group’s bootcamps will transition individuals with little to no prior experience with jobs and Apprenticeships into work. All courses are delivered at Level 3 and above. Their IT Technician course offers learners facilitated workshops 5 days a week.

Generation (external website) - Generation is a charity in the UK with the mission to support the unemployed facing barriers to employment into life-changing jobs. Their IT Support programme aims to build confidence in a supportive environment to help you enter the profession. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary.

Netcom (external website) – Netcom’s bootcamps will provide learners with robust, tailored support throughout the programme to enable progression into employment and higher-level roles. Their Infrastructure Technician training will provide excellent grounding and hands-on experience in which you will fully understand the ins and outs of IT infrastructure, spot the errors, chaos and be capable of fixing the problems.

Generation (external website) – Generation’s Digital Skills Bootcamps are profession-specific, with matchmade interviews and ongoing one-to-one mentoring/pastoral support. Their 11-week Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics is the perfect place to start a career in this field.

IN4.0(external website) – Courses delivered by IN4.0 are tailored to support candidates with preparation for emerging jobs within the digital sector. The Data Analytics course will take place over 16 weeks and is designed to help people with no prior tech knowledge to enter the workforce as skilled Data Analysts and DevOps specialists, which includes a guaranteed interview upon completion of the programme.

Netcom (external website) - These Skills Bootcamps will be delivered online, with face-to-face provision available according to individual need. It will last 12 weeks, Monday – Thursday, 9.30am-12.30pm. Participants will learn the steps needed to build a fast, responsive website while understanding the companies that control ads on our digital devices.

The Fearless Academy (external website) - These Skills Bootcamps will deliver a 2 day per week course over 12 weeks, covering aspects of digital marketing, with added careers workshops, guest speakers and community events. Learners can either learn remotely or in person at our central Manchester campus.

The Data & Marketing Association (external website) -These Digital Marketing Strategy Skills Bootcamps will deliver 12 days of tutor-led learning, including 3 days of in person training at each of their locations and 32 hours of independent study. Participants will receive an IDM Certificate in Digital Marketing after successful completion of the course.

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Construction/Green Skills

One Manchester (external website) – These Skills Bootcamps will deliver Rail Engineering and Construction skills training. The construction course is a part-time course in Stockport which takes place over 12 weeks, where participants will complete training in Construction Multi-skills and learn a range of retrofitting skills.

The Rail Engineering Bootcamp is a full time three-to-four-week course based in Salford. It will provide participants with a range of skills to undertake duties across major rail projects and routine maintenance.  

Complete Skills Solutions (external website) – These Skills Bootcamps will deliver renewable solar energy skills training. The training will take place over four weeks, across Manchester and Liverpool.

Participants will gain both a practical and theoretical understanding of solar construction along with industry qualifications including IRATA Level 1 Rope Access, Level 1 Solar Construction certification & CSCS Card, Manual Handling certification and a Working at Height certification.

Northwest Skills Academy (external website) – These Skills Bootcamps will focus on Level 2 & Level 3 Insulations Bootcamps and Level 2 Fenestration Bootcamps with an additional focus on Retrofit Training for the unemployed.

The Growth Company (external website)– These Skills Bootcamps will collaborate with employers to deliver a number of talks on Green Technologies of the future, while also offering support with coaching and mentoring throughout the programme.

Participants will gain both a practical and theoretical understanding of Green Technologies and receive industry recognised qualifications.

Salford City College (external website) – These Low Carbon Heating Technician Skills Bootcamps aim to equip plumbing and heating engineers with practical skills and knowledge required to install and maintain air source heat pumps and solar thermal hot water systems, while also providing an overview of renewable energy technologies.


Salford City College Group’s Production Sewing Machinist Skills Bootcamps (external website) - These courses have been co-designed with UK Fashion & Textiles Association, to give learners the skills and knowledge needed to start a career in production sewing industry. The rejuvenated textile industry is enjoying a renaissance, with manufacturers in fashion, interior design, health, automotive and other sectors requiring ethically sourced products to meet demand in a fast-growing industry.

3D 360’s Skills Bootcamp (external website) - These courses will focus on providing an understanding of the capabilities of Additive / Digital manufacturing & Industry 4.0. The courses include:

  • Intro to Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and 3D CAD Skills Bootcamp (Level 3)
  • Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Skills Bootcamp (Level 3)
  • Advanced Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Skills Bootcamp (Level 3/4)

Rochdale Training’s Skills Bootcamp (external website) - It is a five-week training course in welding and fabrication. It’s designed in partnership with engineering employers across Greater Manchester and tailor made for people who wish to retrain and gain practical skills to pursue a new vocation.

Training will enable learners to develop the skills, behaviours, knowledge, and health and safety awareness required to prepare them for working as a welder or fabricator. 

Upcoming events for training providers and employers

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