2022/23 Mayoral Police and Crime Commissioner Precept

The policing precept is the amount you contribute to local policing through your council tax bill.

Most of the money for funding police comes from a central Government grant. For 2022/23 the police grant included an additional £29.9m for Greater Manchester Police. The grant funding increase is expected to deliver the third and final year of the national expansion programme of 20,000 police officers over three years, which equates to 438 for Greater Manchester Police in 2022/23.

The Government also said that local areas could increase the police precept by £10 for Band D properties. A consultation was carried out in January 2022, with a total of 1096 responses received of which 23.2% supported a precept increase of £10 per year or more, 29.7% supported a freeze in the precept, 43.6% expressed preference for a reduction in the precept and 3.5% did not know or provide a response.

Following the result of the consultation, a precept increase of £10 to the current band D precept was proposed at the meeting and supported.  Following this increase the Greater Manchester police and crime precept will remain one of the 10 lowest out of the 42 police and crime areas of England.

Where the money will be spent

Description £millions Percentage
Employee Related £642.917 68.0%
Pensions £116.135 12.3%
Premises Related £35.822 3.8%
Supplies & Services £102.840 10.9%
Agency Payments £18.400 1.9%
Transport Related £9.759 1.0%
Capital Financing £20.154 2.1%
Total planned spend £946.027 100.0%

Where the money comes from

Description £millions Percentage
Government Grant £537.349 68.0%
Precept £177.732 18.8%
Collection fund deficit £3.431 0.4%
Income and sponsorship £36.523 3.9%
Specific Grants £174.597 18.5%
Reserves £16.393 1.7%
Total planned funding £946.027 100.0%

How much will you pay?

The amount of council tax you will pay to fund Greater Manchester Police depends on the rateable value of your property – known as your tax band.

Precept Bandings Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Band F Band G Band H
2022/23 152.20 177.56 202.93 228.30 279.03 329.76 380.50 456.60