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Influencing national renting policy

Influencing national renting policy 

We are working to influence national policy so that the expertise of teams on the ground is at its heart and to get a better deal for Greater Manchester’s renters.  

We have already had success and used our 2023 Devolution Trailblazer deal (external webpage) with government to make significant gains for Greater Manchester. These included removing the requirement for new large selective licensing schemes in Greater Manchester to be signed off by the government. 

We are now working with government to go further by putting GM at the forefront of testing and building a better renting system. Our proposals for improving renting include developing: 

  • GM Property Checks – a new property MOT for rented housing, so that renters have more support to improve the condition of their home 
  • Property Improvement Plans – a new standardised approach to supporting landlords bring their home up to the Decent Homes Standard and other legal compliance 
  • A proactive partnership between DWP and council enforcement – to ensure that tenants who rely on Universal Credit or Housing Benefit to pay their rent get decent homes 
  • Improved exit routes – for landlords who are unable or unwilling to meet requirements  

You can read more about our vision for a future renting system for GM in A New Deal for Renters.