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Register of key decisions (archive)


GMP Decision Notice - Delegations to Deputy Mayor - July 2017 (PDF) Published 4.10.2017 

Register of Key Decisions June 2017 (PDF) Published 1.6.2017

Bus Services Operators Grant - Report (PDF) Published 2.6.2017

Bus Operators Grant - Background (PDF) Published 2.6.2017

Register of Key Decision July 2017(docx) Published 28.6.2017

GMCA Notice - 4 July 17 Proposed Bus Franchising Scheme (PDF) Published 5.7.2017

Register of Key Decisions July 2017 (PDF) Published 7.7.2017

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 26.7.2017

GMP Decision Notice - Taser Replacements (PDF) Published 2.8.2017

GMP Decision Notice - Pension Administration (PDF) Published 2.8.2017

GMP Decision Notice - Language Services (PDF) Published 2.8.2017

GMP Decision Notice - Hosting and Event IT Support (PDF) Published 2.8.2017

GMP Decision Notice - Ariana Grande Concert - SPS Policing Costs (PDF) Published 2.8.2017

Register Of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 7.8.2017

GMP Decision Notice - Ecomomic Crime Awareness (PDF) Published 9.8.2017

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 27.9.2017

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 27.9.2017

GMP Decision Notice - NW Crimestoppers Regional Manager - Sep 2017 (PDF) Published 4.10.2017

Smoke Alarm Contract - 5 August 2017 (PDF) Published 5.10.2017

Provision of 24 'Type B' Pumping Appliances (PDF) Published 5.10.2017

Provision of Uniformed Security Services and Associated Duties (PDF) Published 5.10.2017

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 16.10.2017

Urgent Key Decisions- Working Well - Work and Health (PDF) Published 19.10.2017

Register of Decisions (PDF) Published 25.10.2017

Register of Decisions (PDF) Published 31.10.2017

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 15.11.2017

Urgent Key Decision - Social Impact Bond (PDF) Published 21.11.2017

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 22.11.2017

Decision Notice - Working Well Contract (PDF) Published 22.11.2017

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 7.12.2017

Fire Committee - Appointments to Outside Bodies (PDF) Published 8.12.2017

Fire Committee - Roles (PDF) Published 8.12.2017

GMFRS Budget Carry Forward (PDF) Published 8.12.2017

GMFRS Organised Bonfire Funding (PDF) Published 8.12.2017

Urgent Key Decision - 21 December 2017 - GMFRS - Interim Overtime Policy and Suspension of Elements of the Integrated Risk Management Plan for 12 months (PDF) Published 21.12.2017

Decision Notice 21 December 2017 - GMFRS - Interim Overtime Policy and Suspension of Elements of the Integrated Risk Management Plan for 12 months (PDF) Published 21.12.2017

Urgent Key Decision Notice- Social Impact Bond (PDF) Published 21.12.2017

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 21.12.2017

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 17.1.2018

GMP Decision Notice A0356 Building Service Maintenance (PDF) Published 31.1.2018

Register of Key Decision (PDF) Published 7.2.2018

Register of Key Decision (PDF) Published 13.2.2018

Urgent Decision Notice - Award of Skills Capital 15 February 2018 (PDF) Published 22.2.2018

Decision Notice - Wide Area Network Published 20 February 2018 (PDF) Published 22.2.2018

Register of Key Decision (PDF) Published 22.2.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 23.2.2018

Mayoral Notice - Police and Crime Precept 2018/19 (PDF) Published 5.3.2018

GMP Decision Notice - A0411 Print Services 20 February 2018 (PDF) Published 5.3.2018

GMP Decision Notice - Pensions Administration - 15 February 2018 (PDF) Published 5.3.2018

Fire Decision Notice - Management of Fire Fighter Equipment - January 2018 (PDF) Published 7.3.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 9.3.2018

Notice of Key Decision - Value added licensing solutions provider - Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (PDF) Published 19.3.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 21.3.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 28.3.2018

Urgent Decision Notice - Capital Investment for Reinstatement of Raikes Lane Energy From Waste Facility (PDF) Published 28.6.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 25.4.2018

Mayoral Decision Notice - GMCA Governance - Fire Committee - 1 May 2018 (PDF) Published 28.6.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 29.5.2018

Deputy Mayor's Decision - Standing Together Community Grants (PDF) Published 28.6.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 28.6.2018

Urgent Decision Notice - Bus Services - July 2018 (PDF) Published 11.7.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 26.7.2018

GMP Decision Notice - Neighbourhood Watch Conference 2018/19 (PDF) Published 13.8.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 13.8.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 28.8.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 29.8.2018

Decision Notice - GM Registered Housing Providers Joint Venture (PDF) Published 11.9.2018

Mayoral Decision Notice: GMFRS New Shift Duty System - September 2018 (PDF) Published 19.9.2018

Register of Key Decisions Published on 27 September 2018 (PDF) Published 27.9.2018

PCC - GM Domestic Abuse Helpline Decision Notice (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC Domestic Abuse GM Wide Comms Campaign (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Training for Individual Sexual Violence Advisers (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - LGBT Foundation Hate Crime Support (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Manchester and Trafford Rape Crisis: Counselling Support (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Local Safeguarding - Children's and Adults Boards (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - GM Strive Volunteer Support Service (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Modern Slavery Training and Awareness Raising with Key Partners (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Aftercare Service for GM Sexual Assault Referral Centre (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Extension of the Inphase Contract for 12 months (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Outcome Star Tool: Whole System Approach to Women (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Accord Whole System Approach to Sex Offender Management: Temporary Funding for Polygraph Officers (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Guardian FGM Project (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Tackling Exploitation of Children and Vulnerable Adults (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Strategic Review of Health and Justice in GM (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - City Hearts Integrated Support Programme for Survivor of Trafficking and Modern Slavery (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Strive : QES Contract Extension (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Programme Challenger Publicity and Comms (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

PCC - Victims Services Commissioning Strategic Partner (PDF) Published 2.10.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 4.10.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 9.10.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 15.10.2018

PCC Victims Website - 2021 (PDF) Published 26.10.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 1.11.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 21.12.2018

Decision Notice GM Digital Talent Pipeline Contract Award Nov 2018 (PDF) Published 6.11.2018

Decision Notice - Owen Street November 2018 (PDF) Published 8.11.2018

Decision Notice - Working Well Early Help (PDF) Published 13.11.2018

Register of Key Decisions (PDF) Published 14.11.2018